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Tortelli in Broth

Dificultad: Medium
Preparación: 1 day


STEP 1 - Preparing the filling

Prepare Tortelli filling the day before, in order to make it stabilise. Firstly, dice the pork loin in pieces of almost 1cm. Put the pieces in a pan with the butter and cook them over a low flame for 20 minutes.

Mix Mortadella, raw ham, cooked pork loin and eggs in a blender for 2 minutes approximately. Add a bit of nutmeg and black pepper and mix again for 1 minute. Put the filling in a pastry bag and leave it standing for 24 hours in the fridge.

STEP 2 - The broth

Wash Celery’s sticks, peel carrots, peel and divide in two parts the onion. Put the meat, the vegetables a powdered ginger in a capacious casserole; mix with a wooden spoon and add water. Let it boil over medium flame for 3 hours.

After 3 hours remove meat, vegetables and let the broth cool. Put the broth in the fridge in order to let fat coming to the surface. Remove fat from the surface with a strainer.

STEP 3 - Making the dough

When the 24 hours have passed, prepare the pasta dough with your Marcato Pasta Mixer. Put flours, eggs and water in the mixer, close the lid and start the machine. In 3/4 minutes, you will have a perfect dough ready to be being spread out. (If you do not have Marcato Pasta Mixer you can prepare the dough manually).

Cut the dough in 6 pieces. Insert the Lasagne accessory in the Pasta Mixer and set the thickness-adjustment regulator on number 0. Start to stretch one piece of dough, pass the pasta sheet 5/6 times between rollers.

Then pass it once per every number, until you reach number 7, the perfect thickness for Tortelli.

STEP 4 - Making Tortelli

Set the pasta sheet in a pastry board and with Marcato Ravioli Stamps (square size 60mm), make a little pressure in order to set the distance of Tortelli. Put the filling using a pastry bag in the middle of the square. Fold the pasta sheet above the filling.

With the stamp Marcato, cut a triangle, using the folded part as the base. In this way you will have all the triangles perfectly closed and cut, ready to be folded again in Tortelli. Take one triangle and make two pleats in both sides, bent the corners and turn them over the index finger. In 3 simple steps Tortelli will be ready to be cooked.

Bring broth to the boil, add Tortelli and let them cook for 3 minutes. Serve Tortelli hot with abundant grated Parmesan and broth.


Recipe by Mattia Lorenzetti - - IG: @mattlorenzetti

Photo by Guido Prosperi - - IG: @guido_prosperi