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Whistleblowing Reports


In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 24/2023 regarding WHISTLEBLOWING, MARCATO S.P.A. has activated a portal for reporting behaviors or events that may constitute violations of laws or regulations (national or European Union). The portal allows the whistleblower to choose whether to provide their identity; the access to the portal is managed to prevent the idenfication of the whistleblower who wishes to remain anonymous. After accessing the portal, the whistleblower will be guided through the compilation of a questionnaire that will provide details characterizing the report (facts, context, etc.).

At the time of submitting the report, the portal will issue a unique identifying code (ticket) to the whistleblower. This number, known only to the whistleblower, cannot be retrieved in any way in case of loss. The ticket will enable the whistleblower to access their report through the portal to monitor its progress status, provide additional details to describe in detail the report, update their personal information, submit, or respond to any follow-up questions or request a face-to-face meeting. The portal, in fact, allows a virtual dialogue between the whistleblower and the recipient, ensuring the necessary confidentiality, and, at the discretion of the whistleblower, anonymity.

For more information on whistleblowers and their confidentiality protections, as well as the subject master of the reports, please read the following procedure.

To submit a report, access the portal by clicking here.

The privacy policy related to Whistleblowing, available on the portal, can be found here