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The most popular machine to make fresh home-made pasta. Icon of Made in Italy Design. With Atlas 150 you can easily make lasagna, fettuccine, tagliolini and 12 other pasta shapes thanks to the wide range of accessories. You can choose from the chrome or copper steel version to the anodised aluminium in 6 different colours.
Biscuits is the fastest and funnest home-made cookies maker! In a few simple steps you can create 20 different shapes and 2 sizes of biscuits, that you can decorate as you wish. You will rediscover the taste, the aroma and the wholesomeness of freshly baked biscuits.
The clever mould for stuffed pasta that allows you to make tasty, fresh ravioli in just a few minutes. Ravioli Tablet is the easiest and funnest way to prepare 10 tasty ravioli at a time, stuffed according to preference.
Tacapasta is the essential accessory for drying the pasta before cooking it! It accommodates up to 2 kg of pasta in a small space to dry perfectly and evenly.
Dispenser is the accessory where design meets ease of use: ideal for dusting pasta with flour or sprinkling icing sugar, cocoa or other spices.
The Pastawheel with interchangeable cutting accessory. Straight or Zigzag, you can express your creativity by cutting sheets for pasta, sweets and biscuits.
The adjustable pasta cutter with nine interchangeable wheels! Discover the endless combinations to cut pasta or sweet pastries and make fantastic dishes.