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Making pasta with family and friends is not a moment to socialise, but an act of love. Marcato will bring the flavour of fresh homemade pasta…

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We have developed a machine to make homemade biscuits in a simple, quick and fun way.
Biscuits is a biscuit-maker that lets you fill…

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Making the pizza and bread dough at home is easier than you might think! It is even more so with the right instruments, which let you save time, obtain excellent results and allow you the freedom to create new recipes….

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Using top quality ingredients and raw materials lies at the base of a healthier, more balanced diet. It is therefore essential to know the origin of the food we eat, as well as the processes to produce it…


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Ever tried Fresh pasta? As in Fresh fresh, not the stuff you buy out of the freezer - we're talking homemade "like Nonna makes" fresh! If you haven't then we recommend you try a Marcato pasta machine for the tastiest pasta made fresh at home! Check out our latest post by @_angelapalermo_ in the blog now.
There is a better way to make homemade fresh pasta than the old rolling pin. We are sure that you will fall in love with our new pasta tools!
Old Design for a New Pasta Machine #Otello #1930 #MadeinItaly
Which is the faster pasta machine in the market? We have an Idea 🙃 
PastaFresca makes pasta in less than 5 minutes!
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Il sugo bolle dalle 8.30 di questa mattina. 
La colazione “VELOCE che poi devo fare i ravioli”. Ok. 
Il raviolo tondo chiuso da mamma, quello a mezzaluna chiuso da me: TROVA LE DIFFERENZE.
Anche quest’anno la tradizione del pranzo di Natale è stata rispettata.
E quindi Buon Natale anche a voi... e famiglia.