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Manual - Biscuits

Instructions - Atlas/Ampia machines

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FAQ and tips

Discover our tips and most common solutions to use your Marcato product at its best.

The easiest and quickest way to contact our support service is to fill in the contact form in the "Support" area.
Sometimes the problem can be solved in a flash, that’s why we recommend checking out our FAQs!

We frequently test our products with new and special ingredients and flour.
This allows us to offer recipes that are perfectly calibrated for Marcato machines.
You can find all the latest developments in the "Academy" area.
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The manuals of our products are available in the "Download" area of the website.
We periodically update the contents, we therefore suggest signing up for our newsletter to keep up to date with all the news!

Richiesta di supporto

We have customers who pass down our pasta machines as family heirloom and fans who have been using them every day for more than 40 years.
Although our machines are made to last, we need to take care of them every now and again. We are here to provide advice, help and useful information on all our products.

Where do I find it?
The year of production is stamped on the bottom of the pasta machine.
One file only. 20 MB limit. Allowed types: pdf doc docx.