Key factor

Key factor

Made in Italy

As regards food and kitchen equipment, you have the right to know where they come from.
Our products are entirely made in Italy in our Campodarsego (PD) factory, which was once a small workshop. From the design process to development, production and marketing, as well as raw materials and labour.

To us, Made in Italy means not only guaranteeing the high quality of the entire production chain, but safeguarding the typical Italian craft, knowledge and passion. Isn’t our history a passionate one after all?

Key factor


We always look for the best in terms of quality, functionality and aesthetic style, complementing it with our great love for tradition and an eye for technological innovation

Our products become designer objects thanks to our attention to every small detail, elements that reflect the style of who buys them.

Key factor


Making pasta or biscuits with family and friends is not only a moment to socialise, but an act of love.

This is why we also think about the well-being of users when we design and manufacture our products - a well-being guaranteed by the perfect suitability of the material used, which is controlled and selected with the utmost attention with respect for people and the environment.

We believe in a healthy diet based on simple, genuine foods, re-discovering the favours of Italian tradition and the balance of the Mediterranean diet, intended not only as a food model, but as an actual lifestyle to share with the people you love. A conscious approach to eating that does not exclude the pleasure of food, yet nourishes mind and body.


Since 1930… A story of passion

Marcato is the world leader in the production of machines and accessories for fresh pasta, biscuits, bread and pizza.

The philosophy of well-made things has distinguished Marcato since 1930, when the work, passion and ingeniousness of Otello Marcato gave rise to products appreciated all over the world today. The culture of healthy eating is the first step toward wellness: starting with pasta, made with simple and genuine ingredients, a symbol of the Mediterranean diet. All Marcato products are designed for those who love things done perfectly and for those who have rediscovered the pleasure of eating well and safely.


An all-italian tradition

The company, which has been in business for more than 80 years, has leveraged its experience to conquer the home and foreign markets, promoting the authentic “Made in Italy” brand everywhere.

Marcato has always produced in Italy, using sustainable, environment and health-conscious manufacturing processes. The constantly evolving research, the use of cutting edge technology, innovative materials and attention to detail have resulted in a range of versatile and functional products of the highest quality. 



The first pasta machine. In a small workshop behind his house, Otello Marcato starts producing pasta machines to meet the increasing demand for appliances that facilitate cooking.


Establishment of the company. The first stone of the Campodarsego (Padua) factory is laid, where the entire production is still carried out today.


First shipment to the US. Pasta machines reach Philadelphia, starting the internationalisation process. Company products are now available in over 80 countries.


The Atlas pasta machine is born. An international icon of Italian style, which redefined the concept of homemade pasta with simplicity, taste and elegance.


Opening of new Plant. the expansion into new markets and constant R&D investments lead to the growth of the company in Italy, creating a highly specialised group with over 100 employees.


Marcato Wellness. In addition to the high quality guaranteed by Made in Italy products with trendy designs, Marcato adds the concept of Wellness, with technological innovations to safeguard the health of users.


Marcato celebrates 85th anniversary. A new milestone in the company’s history, whose spirit, quality and innovative product features have been consistent over time.

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