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Angel wings

Difficulty: Medium
Preparation: 30 minutes


STEP 1 - Preparing angel wings

Pour the flour onto a pastry board and add the eggs, grappa, butter (melted in a water bath), lemon zest, sugar and the salt in the middle. Mix the ingredients with a fork until the dough is compact and smooth.
Feed a piece of dough through the smooth rollers of the Marcato pasta machine with the adjustment knob set to 0. Fold the pasta sheet in half and feed it through the smooth rollers several times, until it is long and regular in shape.
Set the adjustment knob to 1 and pass the pasta sheet through just once; then, set the adjustment knob to 2 and so on up to 6.
Place the obtained pasta sheet on a table and cut it with the Pastawheel, using the zigzag cut. Create rectangular pieces, about 10cm long and 5cm wide.

STEP 2 - Cooking the angel wings

You can fry the angel wings in a pan with a generous amount of oil or bake them in a ventilated oven at 160/170° for 10 minutes.
Let them cool and then sprinkle with icing sugar.