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Sheet's thickness


Types of pasta


The structure of Othello is made of anodized aluminium. The Champagne colour is obtained through an anodic oxidation process: to do not release any residue.

Wood types

The base and knobs of the handle are made with Wengè solid wood. They give it a vintage look, whilst retaining the typical stability and strength Marcato products.

The wood is treated with natural oil to increase resistance and durability over time.


Pasta dough


  • 250g soft-wheat “00”
  • flour 250g durum wheat flour (semolina)
  • 5 whole eggs and water up to a total of 250g

Pour the flour into a bowl, then the eggs and water in the middle. Beat the eggs and water with a fork and mix thoroughly with the flour. Do not add salt! Knead the dough with your hands until it is completely smooth and consistent. If the dough is too dry, add some water; if it is too sticky, add some flour. Perfect dough should never stick to your fingers. Remove the dough from the bowl and place it on a table, lightly dusted with flour. If necessary, continue kneading the dough by hand and break it up into little pieces.


How to prepare pasta sheets with Otello

Set the adjustment knob of the machine to number 0, so that the two smooth rollers are fully open. Feed a ball of dough through the rollers and turn the crank clockwise. Lightly dust both sides of the pasta sheet with flour and fold it in half.

Feed the pasta sheet through the smooth rollers again, for 5-6 times until the pasta sheet is long and regular in shape. Cut the pasta sheet in two and dust each piece lightly with flour on both sides.

Set the adjustment knob to 1 and pass the pasta sheet through just once; then, set the adjustment knob to 2 and pass the pasta sheet through once more; then, set the adjustment knob to 3, and so on until you reach the desired thickness (the recommended thickness setting is no. 5 for fettuccine and no. 6 for tagliolini).

Cut the pasta sheet crosswise into pieces about 25cm long and dust them lightly with flour again.

How to cut fettuccine or tagliolini

Insert the crank into one of the holes in the cutting rollers and, as you turn it, feed in the pasta sheet to obtain the intended type of pasta.

Pick up the pasta with the special stick and transfer it to the Tacapasta. The pasta dries in about 5-6 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity and can then be stored in suitable kitchen containers.



  • Mix soft-wheat and durum wheat flour for tastier pasta;
  • do not use cold eggs straight out of the refrigerator;
  • clean the rollers of the machine by feeding a little dough between them;
  • preserve the home-made dried pasta for no more than 1 month;
  • you can freeze freshly cut pasta, but always consume it within 1 month;
  • Do not add salt to home-made pasta dough. In Italy we add salt to the boiling water!

Care and maintenance

Only a few precautions are required for Otello to last a long time.

Never wash the machine with water or in the dishwasher!

Use a brush and a wooden stick to clean the machine after use. To ensure thorough cleaning, the roller combs can be removed:

  • push the comb-holder sideways (round part made of steel);
  • lift the comb-holder on one side and take it out of its seat;
  • stick one end of the comb-holder in the hole of the anti-friction resin comb;
  • lift the steel rod and extract the comb from its seat;
  • reassemble the combs by repeating the steps described above in reverse order.

If necessary, lubricate the ends of the cutting rollers with Vaseline oil. The wooden base can be cleaned and treated with special products containing natural oil for fine wood. "

Marcato Lifestyle

The kitchen is the family meeting space where everyone hangs out after a day at work, where the whole family reunites around a table. The kitchen should be a relaxing, family-friendly place. Ever since 1930 we have passionately created products to make people happy! The culture of healthy eating is the first step toward wellness: starting with pasta, made with simple and genuine ingredients, a symbol of the Mediterranean diet. All Marcato products are designed for those who love things done perfectly and for those who have rediscovered the pleasure of eating well and safely.

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