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Marcato products free from Bisphenol A

Following the recent news about the presence of Bisphenol A in elements which come into contact with food, Marcato decided to subject every one of its plastic products to a detailed and thorough analysis. This analysis was carried out by the Chelab Silliker laboratory in Resana (TV, Italy) and was designed to identify whether this substance could be released into food. The result has been a complete validation of the Marcato products, which have been found to be free from any releases any Bisphenol A. They are, therefore, completely safe for use by consumers. This organic compound (known simply as BPA) is one of the main monomers in the production of polycarbonates, widely used in items for babies, bottles, sporting equipment, medical and dental devices, home electrical appliances, etc. A high dose of BPA may have adverse effects on health and has been associated with numerous diseases in male sexual development in the foetus and a decrease in adult male fertility. For more information

Marcato products free from Bisphenol A