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Marcato limits the emissions into the atmosphere

For Marcato SpA, pasta made with simple and pure ingredients is the basis of a healthy diet and a more sustainable approach to food. This is why the company has always been committed to ensuring a productive process that minimises environmental impact. In 2013, thanks to the use of 100% clean MultiUtility energy, Marcato SpA prevented the emission of more than 773 thousand tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

For the fifth consecutive year, all company consumption was satisfied by energy coming from renewable sources that are exclusively Italian, whose origin is certified and guaranteed by the manager of the electrical system. The "100% clean energy" certification is based on use in the network, through the redemption of RECS certificates, of a quantity of renewable energy equal to the company energy consumption.

The RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certificates attest to the production of electricity from renewable sources and promote the production of electricity from renewable sources, from plants that otherwise would not have the economic conditions to continue to produce "green" energy.